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 Novelty stunts can give a whole new dimension to a press release - but you need to be willing to take a risk.  Doing something bizarre takes creative flair, but if it really is something that makes people go 'Wow!', you can get great media coverage.


Relatively new startup Sweemo, a site that allows users to bid for various experiences, did this to great effect by offering users the chance to bid to hit its CEO around the face with a huge salmon. They got extensive media coverage before the event, and then got nice exposure from the video too - around 200,000 views at the time of writing this guide.


Another business was recently featured in the Sun for having a work therapist in for the day who encouraged them all to spend the day naked in the office - earning them coverage in the UK's biggest selling newspaper.


Make sure your stunt is related to your business, and in line with brand values and image.


Thinking up great publicity stunts comes naturally to only a lucky few - don't force it if you don't have any ideas or are shy about an idea, as they usually require a fair amount of bravado (=courage).


You can decide to have a give-away day where you offer free services for the day, or a no pollution day where you use no electrical power, or a 50s-themes day, or something similar that aligns with your business image, if you'd prefer a more toned-down publicity stunt.


Do you have any ideas for a media stunt that your business could use?